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As we all know recently John Gray was the target of some negative publicity surrounding the cost of a gift he purchased for his wife on their recent anniversary. He was and still is being slammed for buying his wife a pricey $200,000 Lamborghini. This raises a good question. Why is it a problem when pastors or people who are in influential positions in the Christian world purchase expensive items for themselves or loved ones? Why is that anyone’s business? Why do people outside the congregation have problems when the people inside that congregation don’t? According to sources he purchased that car with his own money earned from his career. So why do we have a problem?

It is a sad day when we start believing that just because someone serves God they are not allowed to enjoy life and the things with in it. The very judgmental behavior we so avidly condemn we embrace toward others. If we take a closer look at the Bible, did not God tell Israel to take the land of Cainnan and in so many words, “enjoy it!”

In the aftermath of this controversy, people didn’t hesitate to add their opinions on social media. Some comments were good an supportive and others.. well not so good. So many people have made negative comments that one member decided to put her input in the mix. Here’s what she said…

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