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The Grizzlies is an inspiring true story based on a group of Eskimo students in a small Canadian town who are struggling to find their way. Many of them turn to alcohol and drug abuse to ignore the problems. Arriving on a one-year teaching contract, Russ Sheppard unwittingly steps in and the whole town experiences a major shift.

This movie is A heartwarming, very high quality movie with well developed characters with a superb cast. The cast did an excellent job nailing down the culture of the town and each character role. This movie was totally complete heart wrenching with powerful messages throughout the entire movie. This movie was amazing to watch especially the transformation of the Canadian community go from a low place to a high place. The movie is very moving may move you to shed tears if you are a cry baby to movies. If you want to be uplifted, educated on culture, inspired this is the movie to watch!

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