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Feature Video of the Week

As we all know recently John Gray was the target of some negative publicity surrounding the cost of a gift he purchased for his wife on their recent anniversary. He was and still is being slammed for buying his wife a pricey $200,000 Lamborghini. This raises a good question. Why is it a problem when […]Continue Reading
BAD NEWS IS HERE!!!!! A U. K. based company says they've created software that has the ability to track users who share accounts and passwords for their favorite online streaming service. According to one survey, nearly 26 percent of millennials use a password from someone else's account to binge-watch shows on an online Continue Reading
For many years Comedy has been a major cornerstone and the American culture. Surfacing in our communities as early as 425 BCE, comedians have share amusing ideas, stories and life situations that have forever changed the climate of our communities giving us uncontrollable laughter that transcends time. From comedic play Continue Reading