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Recording deals that allow you to own your master recordings in the past decade would not normally happen, is now happening! Recently John P. Kee took to social media announcing that He had signed a new record deal “making him one of the oldest artists ever to own their own master recordings.” Similarly, Chris Brown has done the same who was also highlighted in Pastor Kee’s Instagram post.

Although this is a new phenomenon in the music industry, this shows that hard work and proper business practices can pay off. With the ever changing music market artists have more negotiating power than ever and don’t have to lose control over work they created. This would make him what many would say a “King” in the music industry! Kee says, “Instead of arguing about who’s the real king, I’d rather discuss who really knows the meaning of Kingdom! It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you what’s already yours.”


Kee credits his “management, team of amazing lawyers, musicians, singers, engineers, and producers” for helping him to achieve this milestone. In light of this new deal John P Kee plans to to re-record his hit single, “I Do Worship.” Can’t wait to hear what he will do next!


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