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If there is ever a time to collectively pray, that time is now. Now more than ever our politicians are making political stances not on moral value and for the good of the country but on their own political aspirations and goals. Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York is no exception. Ever since Trump became president the democrats have been fixated on power and obtaining it by any means necessary even to the point of voting bills into law without properly considering the impact on the community.

On the 46th Anniversary of landmark Roe Vs. Wade decision Gov. Como signed into law The Reproductive Health Act, which was signed by the governor late Tuesday night after passing in the Senate and Assembly, establishes the right of all women seeking abortion care to access the procedure without restriction until 24 weeks of pregnancy, WNYC reported. This bill has been long stalled in the New York state assembly now has been enacted. It seems as if they forced it through to spite the current federal administration as all Gov. Como’s actions have seem to be up to date. Como also says that he wants this to be an example of what the rest of the U.S. should follow. Also New York City celebrated this bill by lighting the One World Trade Center pink.

Many pro-life and human rights groups are outraged and petitions to ban this law are circulating through the internet. The question is, β€œShould we continue to allow our government to decide whether a baby should live or die?” What if they decide that a race of people are no long humans and are a lump of walking clay because they are depended on the government? Should that person be aborted? When is a person a person? Who defines this natural law or human law? What are your thoughts on the current laws?

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Pro-Lifers and Non Abortion Supporters Here is a petition if you would like to help your cause “Sign Petition Here”

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