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For many years Comedy has been a major cornerstone and the American culture. Surfacing in our communities as early as 425 BCE, comedians have share amusing ideas, stories and life situations that have forever changed the climate of our communities giving us uncontrollable laughter that transcends time. From comedic play writes and oratorical rhetoric comedians have been able to influence us to observe life, our communities and the way people behave from a different lens.

Some of the greatest comedians ranging from Richard Prior, Dave Chappelle, Ellen DeGeneres, Jimmy Fallon, Jim Carey, Wanda Sikes and so many more have graced the stage and our TV screen with gut busting stories and floor worthy rants. Traditionally you would have to catch these acts on TV or obtain tickets to a show but now-a-days there are more avenues and opportunities.

We are in a new time of comedic outreach! With the growing popularity in online streaming, Youtubing and posting on various other social medias we are able to view and discover new comedic talent. I bet you are wondering who I’m referring to… If you guessed Kevin Hart, you are wrong! Sorry to bust you bubble! Although Kevin Hart broke into the comedic scene riding an almost flawless wave of success, instead I want to highlight 3 other comedians that I find captivating and downright funny.


Kev On Stage, Kevin Fredericks, was born in El Paso, Texas in his grandmother’s bed which is a true story. His comedic genius was derived from growing up in the Fredericks household where you had to be funny to stay in the living room with the grown folks. His infectious personality was honed by traveling the U.S. in a military family, learning to make friends quickly. Together with his brother and best friend, he is 1/3 of “The Playmakers”, an entertainment company poised to entertain the masses. Stay tuned, you will soon see him on the movie screen and on television, but right now he’s dominating social media.  (

From Kevin’s standup comedy and his unique commentary on Youtube, Instagram and Twitter, it is only a matter of time that will become a top comedian. He uses a unique blend of comedic commentary and reactionary expressions to shine a hilarious light to social media posts. This brave new world of social media has produced opportunities to share life experiences and where there is sharing… there is KevOnStage. What once was an innocent video, becomes a source of uncontrollable laughter. Kevin is also an actor, director, filmmaker, content creator and influencer. Working with All Def Media Kevin’s comedic imprint will stain the internet with laughter.

Spice Adams

Spice Adams (Anthony Adams) has definitely made his presence known in the comedic world. On social media Spice Adams brings an entertaining spin to how old school black men behave and their mistakenly funny way of living life. From the visuals to the spot on characterizations, Spice Adams has definitely mastered the art of the Old School coolness!... or not so coolness. It is said that his comedic social media career started with a dare although he has seen success in other avenues.

Anthony “Spice” Adams (born June 18, 1980 in Detroit, MI) is a retired professional football player. He played for the 49ers from 2003-2006, and then signed as an unrestricted free agent to the Chicago Bears from 2007-2011. Upon being released Adams took to YouTube and made a lot of self-deprecating videos on his YouTube channel. According to Yahoo Sports Adams was named “The greatest NFL free agent in the history of football.” Moreover, Spice Adam’s made a deal to be on the second season of HBO’s hit series “Ballers.” (

If you haven’t experienced Spice Adams… Go Now! I can guarantee you will be laughing you pants off… literally.

Tony Baker

Tony Baker brings a unique and entertaining spin to comedy not only gracing the stage with eye watering commentary but uniquely on his social media. With the use of catchy catch phrases and funny voices, Tony displays his comedy through Animal Video and Video voice-overs! When I say he is hilarious… I mean it! Some of my favorite phrases:

  1. “Kirk Patrick”!!!! This is when someone hits another person or epic crashes
  2. “Feel Every Piece” said after someone or animal does something vindictive to another. Sometime when something good is being done
  3. “Cram!!!!!!!”(By far is my favorite) This is done with animals with horns who are in charge mode

The Laughter never stops with Tony Baker.

Tony Baker is a Chicago Native who has been performing at the hottest comedy clubs around the country. Tony Baker’s comedic skills has landed him on the big screen and television: finalist on NBC’s The Last Comic Standing (Season 8 & 9 ), NBC’s The Carmichael Show (Season 2), HBO’s All DEF Comedy (Season 1), Trutv's Standup/storytelling showcase, Laff Mobb’s Laff Tracks, the Academy Award nominated movie Whiplash and his 2018 debut Comedy special “Scaredy Cat” (iTunes/Google Play). (

Comedy is the life blood of life. It allows for us to unwind and destress. So take a break and have a little fun by connecting with these great comedians. Don’t be so serious!

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