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The Beat of Life is a variety show that combines comedy, life changing stories and music centered round varying topics be it economics, social or community realities.

As the Matter of the Beat:

On the Beat of Life the host Bridget, Chris and Mariah will take the audience on a comedic and heart touching journey utilizing various methods of entertainment to bring about the topic. The topics will range from controversial topics such as the Travon Martin incident to the unrest on Capitol Hill. Other topics will consist on community issues and trends that are prevalent. There will also be opportunities to bring attention to the various trends and opportunities that arises in the entertainment industry such as music, movies, award shows and other art related events.

As the Matter of Life:

Everybody has a story and many of those stories are enough to change somebodies life. Encouragement will be one of the main focuses of the show, which inserts positivity into television. We want to add a positive and uplifting spin on our show adding to the body of positive TV. This allows for the whole family to sit down together and view this show collectively. The strategic advantage is that although this show has a primetime feel, our age demographic will be broad not alienating the young generation.

As the Matter of Fun:

During our topic sections the Host will speak on real issues and ideas that affect our community but through a fun and comedic approach. The host will explore a broad spectrum of opinions that will conclude in expanding the viewer’s consciousness. Although the host will at times give their opinions, they would be careful to allow the audience to come to their own conclusions.

As the Matter of Entertainment:

We would be remised if we did not display what’s hot and what’s not! The Beat of Life is designed with the Indie Entertainment Market in mind. Due to the internet the Beat of Life TV show want to create a platform for indie talent who are making marks in their career industry. It is our intent to feature, promote and display indie talent along with major talent giving them a major platform to advance their career. Consumers need exposure to the great talents of the indie market so the Beat of Life will be a major conduit for talent progression.

All in all, The Beat of Life will follow in the footsteps of TV Shows such as “In Living Color” to bring forth awesome entertainment our way for everyone.

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