To The Baby Mommas

Published On July 30, 2016 | By Christopher Wiley | iS Today

To all the Baby Mommas who like to cause drama with the father of your child…. Look! Let me say this… You either want the money, or you want him to be physically there to help.. You can’t have both. I’m going to tell you why. Child Support isn’t set up for broken families to be successful. It creates hardship and a divide between the woman and man even if they aren’t dating. Stop blaming him for the situation when it’s the state that causes your predicament. You wanted state support, so you got it!

So let me educate you and don’t get offended… ok never mind be offended!

Common sense: If a man with a typical working wage job making about $11.50 at 40 hrs, his gross pay is $460 per/week which is $1840 per/month. Child support is 17% ($314) of gross wages in most states which leaves him $1527. 

Also income taxes are taken from the gross as well. In this example he is making $23,920per/yr in which his federal tax bracket is $9,226-$37,450. So federal takes 10% of $9,225 plus 15% the amount over $9,225…. I know this is too much for you… So I’ll break this down. His Federal taxes monthly are $77 + $184 = $261 in federal taxes.

State taxes vary by state. In this example I’ll use Wisconsin since I used to live there. So his State income Tax Bracket is $22,190 – $244,270 meaning he is taxed at 6.27% of his gross income. So his monthly tax deduction is $125…

So lets recap and break this MONTHLY deduction down…

  • He makes $1840 gross per/month
  • Federal Income Tax of gross = $261
  • State Income Tax of gross = $125 (Wisconsin)
  • Oh yeah and don’t forget FICA at 7.65% of gross = $152
  • CHILD SUPPORT at 17% of gross = $314 (Wisconsin and most states)

So he’s left with a grand sum of $988…. Wow… I know what your thinking but I’m not done yet. Don’t forget about the BILLS!!! 

The average apartment, considering a 2 bedroom in Wisconsin is calculated at $1005… Wow he’s already broke… but lets consider living in a poor neighborhood where crime is high.. $700. Let’s add his necessary expenses: 

  1. Gas + Electric = about $60 
  2. Transportation = If he has a car, gas is about $236 per/month (gotta get to work)
  3. Phone Bill = A mobile phone service with T-mobile $55 per/month (He gotta call you for pick ups)
  4. Food= about $250 per/month (He and his child has to eat when the child is at his house)

With his $988 left and all of the necessary bill he’s left with -$313(NEGATIVE -$313)….. Wow… So after working 40 per/week he’s in debt…. So guess what.. He has to pick up another job maybe part-time but if he trying to make something of himself it may be full time. The funny thing is CHILD SUPPORT is calculated at $314 which if he didn’t have to pay it, he would break even…

So the moral of this story. Baby Mommas.. you need to relax and get a clue. Start empower the brother and helping him by not adding any extra drama or bills to his life. Adding stress to him is ultimately adding stress to you! My advice is get the state out your family business. If you want his time and help raising the child don’t make it harder for him. Now consider this, I only saying this for the guys who are making efforts to be a good father. All you bitter baby mamas with these dead beats baby daddies… You should have been more careful with who you opened your leg for. I’m just trying to help!

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Author Chris Wiley 

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