Philando Castile‬ Shot While Complying With Police

Published On July 8, 2016 | By Christopher Wiley | The Buzz

It’s hard enough to live with be killed because of being verbal toward police but now… while complying!!!!???? Wow what type of world do we live in? Black people in America have done all they can to reframe from becoming targets for law enforcement and yet they still find reasons the kill our young black american citizens.

A few hours after Mr. Sterling was murdered by police in Baton Rouge, LA Mr. Castile was gunned down in front of his girlfriend and child for no apparent reason. Reportedly from the video that his girlfriend was able to record, she explained in great detail what happened. Take a look… Parental discretion advised…

I will say Diamond, the girlfriend of Philando Castile, did a great job with keeping her composer and informing the people of this tragedy through facebook live. The next day she was empowered to join the protestors outside of the governors mansion where she was able to articulate her demands. Its seemed as if the tragedy finally overwhelmed her and she broke down! Thank you for being so strong Diamond! Take a look at this video.

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