6 Things Musicians Don’t Want Pastors To Do!

Published On July 6, 2016 | By Christopher Wiley | iS Today

Every church musician dreads the day that a difficult pastor/prophet/bishop or whoever they call themselves shows up for the revival. Sometimes these clergymen just causes a frustration down on the inside of musicians that may results in them not wanting to finish playing for the service. Here are 6 things musicians don’t want pastors to do.

1. Don’t tune up if your anointing isn’t in the sing ministry!

Although it is nice to be able to “tune up a little” while your preaching, don’t do it if you are tonally challenged. It is a nightmare trying to follow every key you move to, especially when you are not in any key at all. Yeah sometimes musicians have a heart and they will try to help your “tune” by forcing you to the key they want you in but believe me… that don’t always work! Maybe you should stick with the “teaching” anointing.

2. Don’t look at the musician when you are talking about sexual immorality!

Now don’t get me wrong, teaching about unmarrital sex may prevent a lot of kids from being born into broken homes. And you know what… thats a good thing. Keep on Teaching! BUT, and yes there is a however……. Many times you tend to glare at the musician when discussing the promiscuity going on in the church, but guess what! Most of the time it ain’t the musician. To assume that musicians are the “sex hounds” is border line talent racism. Just because musicians have talent doesn’t mean they use it to get… some butt… lol! In most cases… you may be talking to some of your…… never mind moving on….

3. Stop trying to tell us what key you are in, let us do our jobs!

There are times when you as a preacher might have vocal chops….. but……. but…. might not have the training or professionalism with that craft. So telling musicians what key you are in is futile considering you may start in a whole different key from the one you suggested. Brotha Please!!!!!! You don’t have perfect pitch so just sing and let the musician find you! AND ANOTHER THING!!! Don’t look at the musician and say, “That’s not my key, get on one accord with me.” Brotha you started off in that key! The Musician didn’t put you there!

4. When the Holy Ghost is over don’t prolong the shouting music!

Now this here tho…. If I know musicians, they love a good praise break. Why? Let me tell you. Praise breaks allow for musicians to extend their ability a little. Musicians are able to try things that they have practiced and finally vibe out with other musical colleagues. Its sort of like the jam session part of a concert where the musicians shine… but when the spirit is over… LET IT BE OVER. After 15 minutes of continuos playing musicians have to stop. You may think musicians have magical fingers and that may be true, but understand that praise breaks are workouts. Just like any other muscle in your bodies, fingers and limbs need breaks.

5. Don’t get mad and call out the musician if the song you are singing isn’t played exactly how you like it!

Guest pastors, understand that when you go to another church, the musicians may not know the song you are singing. Or.. they may know it but because its not in their churches repertoire the musician may not necessarily know all of the chords in that song. So calling them out… ain’t going to help the problem. You just may end up singing A cappella and if you’re not that vocally sound… well…. you know. Understand that musicians follow you, so if you ain’t necessarily deliberate in your singing then the song may not be played at it’s best.

6. Stop call us “Mand of Gawd”! We have names! 

Look….. Musicians understand that there is a specific vocabulary that defines the church culture but…. lol… heres the “but”.. Musicians be confused to which “Mand of Gawd” you are speaking too! We all have names! What is the problem with just using our names? Bruh……. come on! Everybody’s name isn’t “Mand of Gawd!”

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