5 Things Singers Pray Musicians Don’t Do

Published On July 28, 2016 | By Christopher Wiley | iS Today

A very real issue in the world is musicians who lack in their musical abilities. It is frustrating for Singers to get up in church or in front of an audience to sing a solo not knowing if the musician available is able to play the song of choice. Here are some things I believe will make singers frustrated.

1. Don’t Put Us In Your Key!

The biggest pet-peeve is when I run into a musician who can only play in one key. Brotha-Sista pleassssssssssse!!!!! Learn your craft!!! I rather you transpose than to sing in a key I’m uncomfortable with. I’ve had musicians that tried to force me in a key that’s too high and some too low. Why can’t you find the sweet-spot key… Oh because you suck! Get off the keyboard, I’ll sing a cappella! (In My singing voice from Ab-A) “I’m not in this key (Ab), I’m in this key (A)!

2. Don’t Solo Or Do To Many Runs While I’m Singing! 

Question….? (In my sarcastic voice) If I’m singing why are your running in the middle of my verse? When you do that, you don’t leave me room to execute the song at my best. Technically you are taking the spot-light and it’s not your time!! Stay in your lane! You are accompanying me while I sing.. meaning backing me up.. meaning just play the song!!!

3. Play The Song and Don’t Add Extra Chords! 

It is important to the singer that you play the song. There was a time when a certain musician was playing for me and he play so many chords I forgot what song I was singing. I was like “BROTHA, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” He was smiling at me like he was killin it and I wanted to punch him.. I don’t know what he was thinking! Maybe he thought he was going to work out my vocals. Brotha please!!! This is not your time to test my musical abilities! I am ministering in song!

4. Follow Us and Stop Lead Us!

Now this is a major key.. This one goes along with what I said in point 2. I’m the one singing the song not you! How does it look for a singer to back up the musician? That’s backwards. You may know the song and know it well but don’t assume that I’m going to sing the song in the order that you know it. I may go in another direction or make a medley of 3 different songs. The signs of a professional and mature musician is one who know how to be a support.

5. Don’t Try To Force a Praise Break!

Look…. everybody loves a good praise break, “Gawd knows Iys Do!” A praise break is not for every occasion. So when I’m nearing the end, if i don’t give you the “eye” of ok….or if I don’t rev-up my voice to a preach…. DON’T END MY SONG ON A FIRST POSITION CHURCH CHORD! I’m not going there, I am still in worship!

All said and done, it is important that the musician and the soloist is on one accord. We can’t predict when a pastor is going to call on a soloist but we can be prepare. There are people we know that are called frequently to solo so learn their singing style. Sit with the singer and get to know the keys their comfortable with. Know their favorite song so if they are called on you are prepared.

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